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Grinta Invest is an ECN broker that offers clients the option to open a managed account and be part of the success of our unique technology. Using our knowledge well as our expertise, we have achieved and still do phenomenal results using a combination of advanced automated trading technology along with manual adjustment inputs.

Our team
Our team is built from a specialized and experienced analysis in the financial markets for the last 13 years, using top of the art technology, using dedicated servers and high frequency systems developed in house with our development team.

Why us?
Since our expansion into the retail sector, through word to mouth recommendations we have produced significant growth for our clients’ portfolios. Our continued success has allowed us to forge strong and lasting relationships with our members, community that have built solely on referrals.

Most Forex traders tend to think that they will be able to make an investment, large or small, in the forex market, and that they will have amazing results in their investments only within few weeks and months with low risk. The reality is that in most cases, profiting constantly in the market is very hard task. In fact, it’s more likely that your investment will take the complete opposite direction. Add to that the fact that most traders this days tend to trade many trades a day when it’s well aware the paying spreads in the long term costs significant amount of your Equity, and the more trades open in the same time the more likely a trend will begin against one of your instruments.

Advantages with automated trading accounts

Lack of Experience
Experience can only be gained through long term involvement in the markets is the only asset that can reduce or even negate the large risks associated with currency trading. Since beginner lacks such a background by definition, cooperating with a money manager may seem to be a good choice. Emotional difficulties involved in a trading cannot be tolerated by everyone, because each person has a different character and some are more prone to emotional extremes than others. Working with a money manager can also help you overcome this problem.

Insufficient time
Another issue that discourages beginning traders from seriously committing to currency trading it’s their lack of spare time. A full-time account manager who can devote all his energies to trading for his clients is another positive aspect of this approach.

Safety of Funds
A crucial issue for every investor is the safety of their funds. You need to be sure that your financial services provider will pay you your money and profits in full and in a timely manner.
There is only one adequate way to minimize your risks: to investigate and evaluate a broker’s business model and to decide whether or not the broker will be willing and able to pay you your money.
Consider the various ways in which you can lose your money and the different methods you can use to protect yourself against such loss:
1)      The company goes bankrupt and has insufficient capital to repay client deposits. This means that the company had been spending client money for its own business activity. You can check if this is the case simply by having a look at that company’s offers. If they are unbelievably attractive, e.g. huge bonuses, big commissions for partners, rebates and cash backs, it means that the company is funding all these perks with client money to attract greater numbers of clients
2)      The client wins a lot of money and the company cannot pay it. This means that all orders are executed within the company but the company doesn’t have an appropriate policy and mechanisms to effectively manage its risks. If a company has DMA/ECN access, it means that it already has the instruments necessary for risk management. Only experienced management can develop and correctly apply an effective risk management policy. Try to work out the levels of knowledge and expertise of the company’s management before you get involved.
3)      The client loses money because of dealing manipulation. If you see tricks such as order-hunting, enormous spread-widening, slippage always against you, or lagging execution then you should stay away from this broker. However, keep in mind that a given spread can widen if the market spread widens due to low liquidity (usually between sessions) or the cautiousness of market participants (usually at the time of some important releases). And slippage is normal for market execution but it should be not biased, which means that it can be both in your favor and against you.
How a good broker protects you:
* We have an optimized and effective business model with a high factor of sustainability in various market conditions;
* Our team has extensive knowledge of and a great deal of expertise in Forex and CFD markets, in trading and in the brokerage business;
* We employ strict AML and KYC policies to support international efforts against money laundering and inappropriate usage of funds;
* We pay close attention to the security of our clients’ data, funds, trading activity and monetary transactions. We use and comply with the highest standards of security in both financial and IT industries;
* We have an extremely conservative risk management policy based on many years of work and in-depth knowledge of the market;
* We keep client funds and company money separate. Our cash flows are organized in such a way that company expenditure cannot even be processed from accounts with client money;
* We deploy a full-NDD model that ensures you will never experience any dealing manipulation. Moreover, all our accounts except for the Micro accounts are STP/ECN. Micro accounts are intended for educational and testing purposes and have a low maximum  balance.
   Thus, in order to comply with our risk management policy the risks are tightly controlled;
* We provide our clients with different leverage levels that are reasonable and which we can cover for different accounts, account balances and trading instruments.
* We provide maximum transparency and security when it comes to our clients’ activities and our own activities. We encourage and widely practice the highest international standards of safety and security. And last but not least, we believe that only a fair and 

Decent relationship with clients, partners and other parties can result in a long-lasting and profitable business. We utilize this approach in all our policies, procedures and day-to-day activities.

Why Grinta ?

Our mission is to expend our technologies and great services to traders around the world, that everybody can trade with variety of liquidity providers as written below in the list.
In order to be a successful trader for a consistence and long period in the market is not a simple task, We are providing tools to increase our clients chances, using profitable signals, adding bonuses to allow higher margin, analysis and algorithmic strategies.
What a good trader needs? Grinta providers, ask our representatives how to get started as quickly and safety as possible, support 24/5 in 5 languages via phones or emails.

Our Top Advantages

Same day withdrawals 100
Connecting to 14 banks 100
Fastest Execution 100
Currenex accounts 100

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