3 Different Services To Choose From  

Unique Arbitrage System

Variety of build in robotics (EA’s)

Transferring open trades between brokers

1. Unique Arbitrage and Algorithms System
When connecting simultaneously to a variety of live feeds including Bloomberg, Reuters and other big liquidity providers we can achieve a certain advantages with the prices movements if knowing to analysis them fast and accurate.

it is very interesting to watch price movements on each and every one of them, see the order book including quantity per each price and trying to predict the tick of the price.

Grinta Invest has unique a strategy system for its managed account service which based on different algorithms developed in-house. These algorithms generate few daily transactions on the spot Forex market, commodities and indexes where our unique technology can find gaps and delays using our HIGH FREQUENCY techniques during the daily session even during volatile economic news like N.F.P., FOMC meeting, interest rates decision, Unemployment rate, etc.

2. Variety of build in Robotics (EA’s) in the platform
Researches shows that more than 60% of the positions within a single broker are been executed through automated systems, external to the MetaTrader 4 or internal via Expert Advisors.

Grinta Invest more than welcomes our clients to trade and experience fast and unique trading environment, and with the growing demand to use such systems, and enter into the world of automating systems, we offer a several build in EA in our MetaTrader platform.
One of our main advantages is our unique service is taking our clients step by step into the world of automated systems, by helping them installing the experts advisors, first instructions and education of the way to work with automated systems etc. do and don’ts when working in the amazing world of automatic trading.
Most of the experts are dividing into 2 main categories: trend followers or consolidation markets regardless the instruments to trade on.

3. Transferring open positions between brokers
Once or twice in a traders account live, once wishes to be able to transfer his funds elsewhere, to change his broker, change his trading conditions, and several of other factors he holds within.

The fact he has open positions in which he doesn’t wish to close them in order to transfer his account and funds, we at Grinta Invest are offering a one-time opportunity of transferring the account including open positions with the exact lot sizes, directions, instruments, swaps, etc.

We can Mirror his account from any other broker into our servers over the weekend, when considering the Equity as the relevant value of the account to be transferred, and the balance will be exactly the same as the original account.